Spring Planting

Spring is a great time to get out and about once again after the long cold Winter. Down here in Victoria, Spring arrives quickly and with it comes a great chance to give your house a burst of colour.

Here are our top flowers to grow in Victoria in Spring.

First of all it is a good idea to make sure that you prepare your soil or pots. Giving them a fresh layer of nutrients will turbo charge your planting success.

Petunia. This oft-maligned plant is hardy and colourful and when planted en masse can create a real pop of colour in a dull corner of your garden. Make sure you choose your colours wisely or, if you are a gardening risk taker, then go potluck and see what you get. Petunias can handle sun and look great around a swimming pool or BBQ set up. If you are worried about the heat on your plants then heat then search for the ones with smaller flowers.

Pro tip: Seed to flower is a longer process than more mature plants.

Snap Dragons. These guys sound cool and pack a punch when flowering. These flowers prefer a well-drained soil and love some sun. Planted in a row, the effect of this flowering plant is striking. Pink, white, yellow, orange and duel colourings give you a myriad of options. They can be cut too so if they take off then you can bring them indoors to show them off in a setting.

Pro Tip: To get the most out of the cut flowers make sure you cut them when around 70% of the flowers are out.

Marigolds. Marigolds are the ironmen of the flower world able to withstand sun and heat. Marigolds are a fairly straight forward plant to grow. Some may be edible but make sure you check with a qualified plant practitioner before you launch in to eat their petals! They too come in a variety of colours and will sometimes bloom twice if they remain healthy.

Pro Tip: If you are a backyard farmer these make great companion plants for veg!

Geraniums. If you have a full sun area to fill then the ol geranium is your plant. A well drained patch of soil, some full sun and you are away. Check which version of this plant you bought and what is its best soil base. Geraniums work in a range of soils. The other good news for the coastal dweller is they require little water to do their colourful thing!

Pro tip. Have a heavy clay base? Geraniums can help break this up.

We hope this helps you get out and about and add some pop to your property!

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